Processing maritime oil residues with Ecoslops technology offers a new and attractive alternative to the major groups concerned by the environmental and economic impact of maritime oil waste.

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 Port strategy integrated solution

Oily residues are mainly coming from maritime transport. Ecoslops helps strengthen port sustainable development policies, offers new value-added services and creates additional jobs.


 tracable avantages bulleEach step in the process is both easily traceable and transparent ; from collecting to using via processing. Compliance with international rules (MARPOL, etc.) applies to every single business in this sector of activity.


abondance E copieSustainable and economical

 Thanks to sustainable purchasing prerequisites, Ecoslops offers a long-term solution for residues and therefore enhances the role of the collection-processing players.

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 The P2R unit recycles 98% of oil waste. This is a circular economy solution which allows to protect fossil energy sources and improves this sector of activity's material balance. Oil residues upgrading also allows to decrease illegal oil spillage - be it sea or ground. Eventually, greenhouse gases emissions are three times less important than the conventional oil production cycle (cf Carbone 4 survey here). 
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