Processing maritime oil residues with Ecoslops technology offers a new and attractive alternative to the major groups concerned by the environmental and economic impact of maritime oil waste.

Compliance with the MARPOL Convention
Improved traceability
Economic viability
Treatment of residues A unique solution to recycle oil waste More accessible residues collection plants in the ports, suppressing undue waiting
Development of facilities for residues discharged by the ships Larger volume of residues collected due to more attractive prices Attractively priced solution due to the reduced costs of oil residues discharge.
Efficient solution from an economic perspective   Access to a local and sustainable source of recycled marine diesel /td>
Alternative to incineration    
Strengthened ecological image

The technology developed by Ecoslops is the best, from an economic perspective as well as from an ecological perspective. To date, a more efficient alternative has not been identified for oil waste and oily waters treatment.